Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited was set up in December 1980, and with thirty-three years of continuous innovation and reform, it has now developed into a large-scale industry & investment enterprise group in Fujian Province with a registered capital of RMB 4.5 billion Yuan, a total asset of over RMB 97 billion Yuan, and an annual operation revenue of over RMB 100 billion Yuan. With a major business covering fields such as supply chain operation, real estate development, tourism & hotels and conference & exhibition., C&D was ranked as the 128th in China Top 500 Enterprises, the 48th in China Top 500 Service Enterprises in 2014 and has been ranking as the first of the Top 100 Enterprise Groups in Fujian Province consecutively for many years.

From now on, our Corporation will expand the investment to existing core businesses, properly increase the investment to current emerging industries, actively carry out the capital operation on other invested enterprises, and try to invest in some new fields. Moreover, we will combine traditional industry project with high-tech projects, industrial investment with strategic investment and risk investment, and independent investment operation with joint-venture cooperation, so as to urge the formation and upgrade of the core competitiveness in key fields, realize the big increase of investment gain and the appreciation of core business brands, and promote the stable development of our Corporation.

For more details pls. refer to the website of www.chinacdc.com.

  • Established in 1980 when China opened up to the world
  • Registered capital of RMB4.5billion and turnover in 2014 over RMB100 billion
  • 128th among China’s top 500 and the largest enterprise in Fujian province
  • Key player for banking & trust, insurance, electronics manufacturing and aviation in Fujian
  • Xiamen airline with over 100 all-Boeing planes
  • Owning over 10 five- and four-star hotels
  • An active contributor to the charity course in China over the years

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