123m (500 men) Accommodation / Work Barge

  • Main Particulars
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Class
Length, overall (Moulded Hull)123.00m
Breadth, moulded37.80m
Depth, moulded8.20m
Draught Designed5.00m (To be confirmed by class)
Complement500 men
Cargo Deck Area Approx.2220 m2
Designed Cargo Deck Strength15.0t/m2
Portable Water4000 m3 (approx)
Fuel Oil2100 m3 (approx)
Fuel Oil Overflow30 m3 (approx)
Sea Water Ballast/Drill Water5500 m3 (approx)
Cooling Fresh Water240 m3 (approx)
Dirty Oil21 m3 (approx)
Bilge Holding21 m3 (approx)
Black Water Holding150 m3 (approx)
Grey Water Holding150 m3 (approx)
LO Storage30 m3 (approx)
Hydro Oil Storage7 m3 (approx)

+A1 Accommodation Barge, with description “Accommodation and Work Barge”, MLC-ACCOM, HELIDK, CRC, UWILD, GP.

Main Description

The vessel is intended as an offshore accommodation/work barge completely outfitted and equipped for platform support, maintenance and all related works.

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