12500DWT Multi-purpose Vessel

  • Main Particulars
  • Machinery
  • Cargo Holds
  • Container Capacity
  • Class
Length overall144.70 m
Length bp136.00 m
Breadth moulded22.80 m
Depth moulded11.30 m
Design draft moulded7.50 m
Scantling draft moulded8.10 m
Drill water cargo pump1 x 150m3/hr @ 75m head
Deadweight at Scantling draft12,550 t
Deadweight at design draft10,900 t
Main Propulsion1 x MAN 5G45ME-B9 TII
CMCR: 4800kW x 94r/min
CSR (85%CMCR): 4080kW x 94r/min
Speednot less than 15.1 knots, at the design draft of 7.50m on even keel, CSR (85%CMCR) output of the Main Engine and deduct 250kW for shaft
generator, with 10% sea margin, and clean bottom on calm deep open sea (no wind no
F.O. CONSUMPTION162.7 g/kWh (+5% tolerance)
Endurance11000 nautical miles
Cargo hold (tween deck panels out of holds)abt. 17,100 m3
Cargo hold (tween deck panels in holds)abt. 16,000 m3
Ballast water tanks (including 3 pairs of anti-heeling water tanks abt. 1280m3)abt. 5,700 m3
Fuel oil tanks (including low sulfur tank abt. 30%)abt. 600 m3
Diesel oil tanks (including MGO)abt. 170 m3
Lubrication tanksabt. 50 m3
Fresh water tanksabt. 150 m3
Gross tonnageabt. 10,600
Net tonnageabt. 4,500
not onboardstow on deckuse in hold
in holdabt.346TEU346TEU258TEU
on deckabt.497TEU466TEU497TEU
Abt. 50 pieces of reefer plug for FEU(40’) to be provided on deck.

GL + 100 A5, Multi-Purpose Dry Cargo Ship, E3, BC, G, IW, BWM, DG, DBC, Strengthened for Heavy Cargo, Equipped for Carriage of Containers + MC E3 AUT

Main Description

The Vessel shall be equipped with two (2) Controllable Pitch Propellers with nozzles, one (1) bow thruster. It shall be built of steel and engine room is to be located in the middle.

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