• Main Particulars
  • Capacity
  • Machinery
  • Class
Length o.a. 50.70 m
Length p.p. 47.40 m
Breadth mld. 12.80 m
Depth to Deck 1(main deck , BL) 5.40 m
Depth to Deck 2(shelter deck, BL) 7.80 m
Design draft from base line 4,20 m
Design draft under keel 6.50 m
Frame spacing 0.60 m
Deadweight 360 tonnes
Speed 14 knots
Trawl Pull 43 tonnes,
Fuel oil MDO Approx 140.000 litres
Day tanks fuel oil Approx 10.000 “
Freshwater Approx 100.000 “
Seawater ballast tanks Approx 70.000 “
Antirolling tank (sea water) Approx 40.000 “
Miscellaneous tanks Approx 8.300 “
Fish hold 500 PCs of 440 Litre tubs
By catch hold 40 PCs of 440 Litre tubs
Store for empty tubs 120 PCs of 440 Litre tubs
Accommodation 18 men
Main Engine MAK 6 M25C, 2000 kW @ 750 rpm

+ 100 A1, Ice class 1C, Stern Trawler, with class notification UMS for unmanned engine room.

Main Description

The vessel shall be designed and build for trawling, principally in the North Atlantic Ocean, temperate and arctic waters.

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