64000DWT Bulk Carrier

  • Main Particulars
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Machinery
  • Class
Length overall abt. 199.90m
Length between perpendiculars 194.50m
Breadth moulded 32.26m
Depth moulded 18.50m
Draft designed 11.30m
Draft scantling 13.30m
Deadweight at designed draft abt. 51,500 metric tons
Deadweight at scantling draft abt. 63,800 metric tons
Gross Tonnage abt. 35,900
Net Tonnage abt. 21,700
Cargo Hold (grain, including hatch coamings) abt. 78,500m3
Heavy fuel oil tanks (including settling and service tanks) (100% full) abt. 2,000m3
Diesel oil tanks (including service tank) (100% full) abt. 80m3
L.S.M.G.O. tank (including service tank) (100% full) abt. 100m3
Fresh water tanks (including distilled water tank) (100% full) abt. 350m3
Ballast water tank (excluding No. 3 hold) (100% full) abt. 17,500m3
Ballast water tank (including No. 3 hold) (100% full) abt 34,000m3
Main engine 1 set MAN BW 5S60ME-C8.2 (Tier II)
CMCR Output 8050kW at Revolution 89 r/min
Service Speed abt. 14.4 knots at designed draft
Fuel oil consumption and endurance The fuel oi consumption of the main engine to be abt. 26.3t/day based on service speed of 14.4 knots at engine power of 6842.5kw (CSR)

DNV +1A1 Bulk Carrier, ESP, ES(S) , CSR, COAT-PSPC(B) BC-A (Hold 2 and 4 may be empty), GRAB(20), E0, TMON, BIS

Main Description

The vessel to be designed and built as a single screw motor driven bulk carrier by low speed diesel engine bulk carrier for normal worldwide service.

The vessel to comply with the requirements for type “B-60″ ships defined by the Internationa Convention of Load Lines, 1966.

The vessel to be constructed and fitted up so as to be capable of carrying grain in bulk or sack, coal, iron ore, steel coil and other dry cargoes. No deck cargo to be loaded. The ship can carry in bulk a cargo of Appendix A and C in compliance with the Code of Safe Practice

Full specification, maker list and general arrangement are available upon request.

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