85m Subsea Support / Maintenance Vessel

  • Main Particulars
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Deck Machinery
  • Machinery
  • Class
Loa 85.00 m
Lbp 77.755 m
Breadth moulded 22.00 m
Depth moulded 8.00 m
Draft moulded 6.30 m
Accommodation 182+2 p
Deck Loading 7.50 t/m2
Deck cargo capacity 800 t
Clear deck area 800 m2
Moon Pool 8.00 m * 8.00 m
Trial speed 12.50 knots
Fuel oil 1000 m3
Fresh water 750 m3
Drill water/Water ballast 1250 m3
Mud 500 m3
Heeling 500 m3
Dry bulk cement 226 m3
Windlass 1*electro-hydraulic anchor windlass;
Capacity: 16 tonnes at 12 m/min for 58 mm dia. Chain
Capstan 2*electro-hydraulic capstans with pulling force of 10 tonnes @ 15m/min
Anchor 2*high-hold-type anchors, each of 3240 kg.
Tugger 2*electro hydraulic tugger winches of 10 tonnes at 15m/min
Towing Bracket Smit towing bracket of SWL 150 tonnes
Main Crane 1*Deck crane with capacity of approximate 100 tons at 10m outreach
Deck Crane Load S.W.L. : 3.0 Tonnes
Maximum Outreach : 14.0 m
Heli-deck A helideck capacble of the reception of a Sikorsky S61
Moon Pool 1* Moon Pool on centreline of deck 8.0m x 8.0m.
Main Engine 2 * 3000 ps
Propulsion System 2 * Azimuth thruster
Diesel Generators: 3 * 800 kw
Shaft Generator 2 * 1500 kw
Bow Thruster 2 * 800 kw
Emergency Disel Generator 192 kw

DNV +1A1 Bulk Carrier, ESP, ES(S) , CSR, COAT-PSPC(B) BC-A (Hold 2 and 4 may be empty), GRAB(20), E0, TMON, BIS

Main Description

The Vessel shall be equipped with two (2) Azimuth thrusters with nozzles and Two(2) bow thrusters, and is designed in such a way that the following roles can be obtained:

  • Transport liquid cargo, stores, bulk cement, materials & equipment;
  • Move men and materials between platforms;
  • Operation to be 24-hours/day continuous operation, capable of remaining on station for a minimum of 25 days;
  • External Fire Fighting

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