• Shipbuilding
  • Refund Guarantee
  • Bridge Financing
  • Post-delivery Financing

Over the years, we contracted newbuilding for our own shipyards and associated yards, and if you have any such requirements for newbuilding in China, no matter it is a bulk carrier, oil tanker, container vessel, offshore vessels, trawler or barge, you can contact us, we will “locate” the best suitable shipyards for your reference.

If we are involved in the newbuilding project and act as the trading house, due to our financial capacity and proven record track with the Chinese banks, we are able to arrange the quick provision of refund guarantee under the shipbuilding contract.

When the shipyard becomes cash-distressed during the construction, our capability to provide bridge financing may just save the newbuilding project from collapse and thus ensure the delivery of vessels.

When the shipment market is distressed and the banks who traditionally provide the lion share of ship financing are reluctant to finance the newbuilding projects, we may be in the position for such mid- to long term post-delivery financing, if the detailed terms and condition is required, pls. contact us.

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