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SDARI Green Dolphin 85000dwt Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier

The Vessel to be designed and built as ocean going bulk carrier with a single screw motor driven by low speed diesel engine, suitable for carrying bulk cargoes such as coal, ore grain etc. No deck cargo to be loaded. And the vessel is designed for

  • One complete flush upper deck with forecastle;
  • All accommodation including navigation bridge and propulsion machinery to be located aft;
  • The cargo area to have seven (7) cargo holds and no deck crane to be provided;
  • Focus on Maximum deadweight, capacity and fuel energy efficiency with novel hull and energy saving device (Fan Duct & Fan Cap);
  • EEDI phase 3 compliance.

LR +100A1, Bulk Carrier, CSR, BC-A, hold Nos. 2, 4 & 6 may be empty, GRAB [30], ShipRight (ACS(B), CM), ESP, *IWS, LI, ECO(EEDI-3,NO_X3), +LMC, UMS, BWTS, With the descriptive notes “ShipRight (BWMP (T), SCM, IHM, SERS)”

Or other class equivalent.

Length overall...Abt. 229.90 m
Length between perpendicular...226.40 m
Breadth(moulded)...36.00 m
Depth(moulded)...20.15 m
Draft(scantling)...13.68 m
Complement...26 persons
Gross tonnage...Abt. 47500
Deadweight...85200 metric tonnes @ scantling draft
Service speed...13.8 kn @ design draft
Endurance...Abt. 25000 n.mile
Consumption...Main Engine Fuel consumption at CSR is abt. 26.1 t/day(Tier II)
Energy saving device...Fan Duct & Fan Cap
Cargo hold(grain, including hatch coamings)...Abt.106000 m3
Heavy fuel oil tanks(including settling and service tank)...Abt.2300 m3
L.S.M.G.O tank(including service tank)...600 m3
Fresh water tanks...500 m3
Ballast water tank (excluding No.4 hold)...27000 m3
Ballast water tank (including No.4 hold)...41000 m3
Sewage holding tank...30 m3
Sludge tank...30 m3 (as large as possible)
Main engine...MAN 6G50ME-C9.6(Tier III HP SCR)
CSR 6800kw x 74.8rpm
Generating set...3 x 630KW x 900r/min
Shaft Generator...1 x 630KW
Emergency Generator...1 x 120KW x 1800r/min
Composite Boiler...Oil fired section abt. 1500kg/h;
Exh. Gas section abt. 980kg/h
Purifier...Heavy fuel oil Abt.2500l/h(380 cst/50℃) x 2
Lubricating oil purifier...abt. 2000l/h(SAE30) x 2
Ballast water treatment...1 x 2800M3/H (IMO USCG approved type (standard D-2) pressure loss)
Fresh water generator...Abt. 20t/d(Vacuum distilling, plate type using M/E jacket cooling fresh)
Oily bilge separator...5 m3/h, 15 ppm (IMO approved type, auto. discharge type with pump)
Sewage treatment plant...26P, biological chemistry type
Combined windlass& Mooring Winches...Synthetic fiber rope drum:200kN (17.3 t) x 15m/min
Hatch cover...Slide type, no.1: 15.3 m X14.6 m;
no.2,3,6,7: 17.85 m X17.0 m;
no.4: 15.3 m X17.0 m
  • Dual Fuel;
  • Scrubber Ready;
  • DOSS(Digital Operation Support System);
  • Wind Propulsion System.